About Us

We are a bunch of coffee lovers, however, some of us like tea better – at times. There is one thing in common and that is we all want the best of breed when it comes to our hot drinks! Until now we’ve been enjoying our discoveries ourselves. However, we recently decided to bring that to you too. Until you enjoy our first discovery – the Cannonball Coffee – we’re out and about looking for more exotic and luxury flavours and brands. So, watch out!

We really care about your experience with us and are here to help. If you have any questions you can contact us here .

Cannonball Coffee

We focus on crafting great-tasting high-caffeine coffee to help fuel active lifestyles. Cannonball coffee is the strongest coffee in the UK, and the only strong coffee that is genuinely nice to drink. Cannonball is the only company offering a high-caffeine bean that is a medium roast. Cannonball’s strong coffee helps people like you do more: lift heavier, run faster, work harder. If you want a strong coffee and value your taste buds then Cannonball coffees are for you.

Cannonball spent a while trying to find a quality Robusta coffee bean with the elusive combo of high-strength and great taste. Cannonball stumbled upon a variety from Rwanda that tastes as good as many Arabica coffees. Best of all, lab-analysis shows it contains far more caffeine than coffees claiming to be the 'World's Strongest'! This great-tasting high-caffeine bean forms the backbone of Cannonball’s different blends. It is proving popular amongst strong coffee lovers from all over the world.


How it all started
Maverick Coffee Co was born in 2014 by Pippa, who made it her mission to serve amazing coffee from her little blue Piaggio Ape. Pippa worked hard to create the Maverick brand, and her little van soon became well-known among festival-goers and local communities all across the south of England.

Fast forward a couple of years and Maverick has been turned into a brand name, selling not only coffee but leading the way in reusable coffee pods. Natalie (Pippa's sister) jumped on-board and pooled their talents, working together on creating a new brand identity for Maverick and finding the perfect products that Maverick customers would want to buy.

Maverick's ethos 
Coffee doesn't need to harm the environment. Maverick aims to bring you only the best eco-friendly coffee products; from reusable 'guilt-free' coffee pods, to freshly roasted, ethical coffee for home. Maverick wants you to have cafe-quality coffee at home, at an affordable price without harming the planet.

Maverick are also specialists in coffee for reusable pods. It's hard to find strong and flavoursome coffee that works well with reusable pods. Maverick has designed our very own 'Perfect for Pods' coffee range to cater for all reusable pod brands.

Maverick’s coffee is lovingly grown and nurtured by talented and professional farmers, then purchased at fair and sustainable prices. Freshness has an impact on flavour, that’s why all Maverick’s coffees are ground and packed within 10 days of roasting. Maverick are trying their best to help the planet and are big on eco-friendly products and packaging. This is something Maverick feels passionately about and they are striving to become even more eco-conscious as they grow.


In 2015, Gareth met Tim Choi through a mutual friend. Tim had begun his roasting career at Modern Standard, moving on to Caravan and Grind, before eventually switching to green coffee sales and logistics for Caravela. With a shared enthusiasm for speciality coffee, the pair joined forces and began roasting together in 2018.

The combination of Tim’s roasting and green coffee experience, combined with Gareth’s know-how in running a cafe business made for swift growth and, after initially roasting just enough to supply Wood St Coffee and some retail, they soon had requests for wholesale customers. The next logical step was to invest in a Probat roasting machine which they moved into a shipping container outside the cafe at Blackhorse Workshop in 2019. George Bickersteth joined as production roaster at the beginning of the year before stepping up to Head Roaster in summer 2020.

Coffee is available to buy online as a one off or subscription, at the cafe and over 60 wholesales partners covering London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. If you’re interested in buying Wood St Coffee wholesale, please visit our wholesale page.